Deployment to netlify with custom domain still shows netlify in metadata


I’ve build my website with hugo/academic and deployed to netlify with custom domain. However when opening the sourcecode of I see a number of href link to netlify.
How can I avoid this?

Please find the code repository here.

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You need to set the baseURL.

It is common to put your main baseURL into config.toml and then for the other environments (branches, pull requests), do something like this:

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Thanks @bep for the quick reply.

I already had baseURL, into config.toml in branch fede, see here.

Also, it’s not clear if the netlify.toml you specified should be put in main branch or fede branch.

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Put it in main (I don’t know what fede is …)

I’m a little confused by your project …


I see no config folder or config.toml …

Hi, sorry I wasn’t clear.
“fede” is a personal branch of the project which maps to subdomain which has config.toml (cannot put the direct link here, because the website tells me “Sorry you cannot post a link to that host.”).

The “main” branch is a simple landing page, and has no config.toml. Do you think that adding it there, would solve the problem?

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Hi @bep,
just to let you know that I’ve solved the problem manually by setting

command = “hugo --gc --minify -b https : // fede . sangati . me”

in netlify.toml (spaces in url are placed to avoid discourse to complain about urls) since $DEPLOY_PRIME_URL didn’t work correctly (still not clear why).


This also seems to be related: