Deploy to AWS S3 using wrecker

I am trying to deploy my hugo site via wrecker. I have got most of the things set but it doesnt pick up my themes and style.Below is the start of my config and wrecker yml.

 ibaseurl = "/"
languageCode = "en-us"
title = "Stencilled"
theme = "beautifulhugo"
pygmentsUseClasses = true
pygmentCodeFences = true  `

`   box: debian
    - arjen/hugo-build:
        version: "0.15"

    - s3sync:
        key-id: $AWS_ACCESS_S3_KEY_ID
        key-secret: $AWS_ACCESS_S3_KEY_SECRET
        bucket-url: $AWS_S3_BUCKET_URL
        source_dir: public/
        opts: --acl-public --add-header=Cache-Control:max-age=3600
    - arjen/hugo-build:
        version: "0.15"
        theme: <yourtheme>

Here is Arjen’s original article for reference. HTH.

I posted that question and saw someone else had the same solution. Thanks @rdwatters. However my index.xml always returns something like this


my url is and I am not using as a reference anywhere.I did it first time as .com but i removed everything and built from scratch. Thank You.

Perhaps this is hardcoded in one of the RSS templates that your theme uses? See here for the different locations where that RSS template file can reside. It might also be that your theme requires that you configure this in the config.toml file.