Defining a site-wide alias for a URL

The current website I’m developing in Hugo contains a number of sizable assets that I want to host on IPFS and refer to in the website. As the URL for the IPFS bucket contains a long hash, I’d like to define an alias for the URL that is substituted into various Markdown files that refer to the assets. Is there a way in which I can define an alias for the URL that I can use in the Markdown that defines the content for the site?

try it with the alias template
URL Management | Hugo (

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@ju52 Very cool. Are you aware of an example somewhere using this that I can refer to?

my sample is there
HugoSample/themes/photon/layouts at master · gj52/HugoSample (

to generate a hash etc look at _default/home.atom.xml

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thank you sir