Date localization

i find all 3 features really useful

  1. render to disk
  2. language aware sorting
  3. localized GroupBy*Date

Is there an example on how to make use of the localize by date?


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this seems like exactly as it was before? did the new edition run in the background at hugo core level while we keep using the same function as before in the frontend? is it true

i thought it was optional like if i want it to localise then i can add an addition what if i dont want the localisation to happen?


So, I should probably have added a little context to my last post.

If you do:

{{ $pageGroups := site.RegularPages.GroupByDate "January, 2006" }}

You will get pages grouped by the string <monthname>, <year> which in English is April, 2022 etc. and in French avril, 2022. You can use any date/time format you want to group on and you will get correct language versions for month/day names.

Before this release, everything was English.


thanks bep

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