Data.Integrity in CSS breaks when Amazon S3 redirect

Not sure where to post this, but here we go:

If I add Data.Integrity to my CSS link ref and my Amazon S3 needs to redirect from https:// to https://www. the CSS won’t load under android and for some reason will break the page redirect too.

The result on android: the site stays in https:// and never redirects to https://www. and the CSS never gets loaded.

The result on Windows: the redirect and CSS works as expected, but there is a slight noticeable delay of 1 second and half from https:// to https://www. where we can see the site without styles.

Is any CSS minification happening on the Amazon side once your upload your files?

Nope. All amazon does is redirect from https:// to https://www, that’s all. But that happens outside the scope of the CSS / HTML files.

What’s the exact error that you get? I wouldn’t think a redirect would mess with a static file.

No errors I can see (since it is on Android) , but the behavior is this: the page won’t redirect and the page will not show the CSS file. I solved it by removing the Data.Integrity from my CSS link. It all now works as expected, only I don’t have a way to check the Integrity data.

I believe the Data.Integrity gets done based on the Site.BaseURL: In my case “”, and not for “

Perhaps since the check doesn’t pass, the CSS doesn’t gets rendered and in consequence, the redirect doesn’t happens in android.

It happens in Windows, but you see the CSS is not getting rendered (the page showed without the styles).

Once the Data.Integrity gets removed from the CSS link, the styles get rendered on the page and the redirect from https:// to https://www. becomes unnoticeable under Windows and in Android (when it now works).

But I might be mistaken, maybe that doesn’t has anything to do with it.

Can you publish a test page on your site with the data integrity links?