Customizing a partial through additional parameters?

I just factored out a partial that represents a single item in a list view. So I can include it inside the body of a loop.

I’m wondering if Hugo supports a way to pass arbitrary arguments from the call-site, which I can then use in the partial? In other words make partials behave like functions. I could add in a bunch of conditional logic inside the partial, which would depend on the input context, which I could pass in through the front matter. But I would much prefer doing that inside the template itself. Since it seems like less work for my use case. I could also just make a bunch of variants. But to me just passing in an additional argument would be more simple.

If the answer is no, that’s fine, I was just wondering. I couldn’t find anything about it in the docs, which is why I’m asking.

Ah, I knew it was going to be something obvious. Excellent! Thanks :slight_smile: