Custom section output format: broken links for page resources

Inside a theme I defined a custom output format to create a printer-friendly template:

    isHTML: true
    mediaType: text/html
    path: _print

With my theme I do have a custom template file layouts/mysection/list.print.html for generation of the print preview. This template file ranges over all pages inside the section and recursively concatenates all page contents into one single list, using {{ .Page.Content }} inside my loop.

I now use my custom print output format with a site that uses my theme:

  home: [HTML]
  page: [HTML]
  section: [HTML, RSS, print]

If I do have a content file content/mysection/ I now can invoke the print preview for this page via the URL mysite.tld/mysection/_print. Everthing works fine for pages without page resources.

However when using page bundles with page resources, the rendered links to the page resources are broken: the rendered html output of my print preview list links to path/to/myimage.png, while it should be _print/path/to/myimage.png. Consequently, inside my preview, all links to page resources are broken.

The root cause ist that {{ .Page.Content }} used inside my print preview template does not know about/consider the _print path prefix that is used with all URLs for page preview. Is there any way to make these links work?