Custom rendering of taxonomy lists – template per term?

I’m trying to render a page full of image thumbnails linked to a page with the full sized image.

I’ll be organising the images using a taxonomy and want to list content for a given term.

So the default taxonomy list at taxonomy/term provides the right content but lists full nodes. I need to modify what’s listed.

If I modify layouts/_default/li.html it will effect all list views, not just the taxonomy list view…
the layouts/mysection/li.html works fine on the same content, but how can you have a taxonomy specific view template so I can modify the taxonomy list li?

edited to add:
I can see in the docs a specifc taxonomy/term list template – but is there any way to achieve the same for all taxonomy terms without making a template for every term?

If I understand your needs right this is very straightforward.

Define a new view… call it thumbnail for example. Then create a new list template that only calls that view.

See for where to place that list template.

A taxonomy term is different than what you’re describing. A taxonomy term layout is a template that simply lists all of the terms themselves… not the content associated with them.

I expected it to be straightforward, all the machinery is there, just trouble connecting the dots.

Define a new view

Ach, that’s the piece I was missing. I don’t know why I keep thinking of li and other views mentioned in the docs as being fixed, default.

I have it working now, thank you.