Custom category template for a specific category

Hi all,

I ask you to believe me, but I’m struggling to create a custom template for a specific category and I’ve tried almost everything - just I can’t get a custom list.html for the category “books”.

I tried

  • layout/books/list.html
  • layout/books.html
  • layout/categories/books.html
  • layout/books/index.html
  • layout/taxonomy/books.html (I’ve created the taxonomy first)

but nothing to do…I can’t get the the custom template.

Any clue please?

Thank you

Have a read here: Custom template for one category?

Sure I did!

In that way I can get only get access to /books and it shows the file /layout/books/list.html with no css not format no list

My aim is to edit /categories/book indeed!