Currency and number formatting in hugo

Say i have front matter for a “product” like this

name = "Awesome android phone"
price = "13500"
priceunit = "INR"

I want the price info to be displayed something like this

  13,500 ₹

Note the Currency display and comma separation

How do i do this? Im using the latest version 0.17

Seems to be an enhancement that could come up in the future… Intresting stuff here…

In the current schedule, the 0.19 release will contain a feature to format numbers. See tpl: Add numFormat func.

For the currency feature you’re asking I’m not aware of a Github issue.

@Jura Here is the issue

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I think sub should do the string-to-float casting while int does not.

{{ int (sub $amazon_price $newegg_price) }}

I have just discovered a JS feature which enables me to render currencies in appropriate format according to the currency code.

const price = 12
const formattedPrice = price.toLocaleString("en-US", { style: "currency", currency: "USD" })

this will give the output