CSS not refreshed when update imported sass/scss file


Just enable sass pipe with hugo but have the following problem.

I have base sass file where I import others:

@import "bulma/bulma"
@import "custom/vars"
@import "fresh/core"
@import "custom/styles"

These imported files import others files.
For exemple, in file fresh/core.scss there is others import

@import 'partials/colors';
@import 'partials/navbar';
@import 'partials/dropdowns';
@import 'partials/sections';
@import 'partials/hero';
@import 'partials/footer';
@import 'partials/buttons';
@import 'partials/cards';
@import 'partials/forms';
@import 'partials/animations';
@import 'partials/testimonials';
@import 'partials/responsive';
@import 'partials/utils';

if I update for example partials/cards Hugo detect change :

INFO 2019/02/13 10:24:27 Received System Events: ["/src/themes/hugo-fresh/assets/fresh/partials/_cards.scss": WRITE "/src/themes/hugo-fresh/assets/fresh/partials/_cards.scss": WRITE]

But update is not visible in browser (even if I refresh manually or restart server). So I try to just save root sass file (this first which import others) and this time, browser take new styles (made in partials/cards).

I think hugo refresh styles only when root sass file is saved.

Maybe linked to github issue #5008

Did I missed something ?

Tested with 0.51, 0.53