CSS and images not rendering in hugo

When I run the Hugo command to generate the public folder index file.html has no CSS and the images are not displayed in the browser!

In the config.toml file I have:

baseURL = ''
uglyURLs = true 
canonifyURLs = true

And the head.html ( partials ) i have;
<link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ "css/style.css" | relURL}}">

How to make it work and the CSS is displayed ?

Please share a public repository, it’s difficult to help without knowing the code of your project.

baseURL = ''         --> INVALID
uglyURLs = true 
canonifyURLs = true  --> WHY?
relativeURLS=true    --> WHY?

Are you trying to open the file directly with your browser, or are you running hugo server?

I open the file directly with my browser,

I fixed the problem by changing “/css/style.css” with “css/style.css” and for images I changed “/img/image.png” with “…/img/image.png” in the CSS but it’s not enough because every time I generate the public folder I have to make changes to index.html and style.css !

Why? This is an unusual use case.

If the files are server using a web server then the “/” means “webroot”
If you open the file manually that isn’t the same thing - it will be the root of the filesystem

how to display the images correctly without making changes to the /public folder?

And the answer is…?

I felt that the result was the same when I deploy the site online !

They are not the same thing.

A site that you can navigate via the file system requires special handling in a number of areas, and is a rare requirement / use case.

A site that is served (with either hugo server or your production server):

  1. Must have a valid baseURL in site configuration.

    The absolute URL (protocol, host, path, and trailing slash) of your published site (e.g., https://www.example.org/docs/).

    See https://gohugo.io/getting-started/configuration/#baseurl

  2. Should have relativeURLs = false

  3. Should have canonifyURLs = false

  4. Should probably have uglyURLs = false