Creating offline.manifest correctly

I’d like to add <html lang="en" manifest="offline.manifest"> to pages so that the user can add their page to their mobile device homescreen.

Does anyone have any recommendations for automatically keeping an offline.manifest up-to-date by adding and appending pages?

I’m pretty sure that manifest was not meant for static sites.

An offline.manifest allows single page documents to be stored in the browser whilst the device might be offline. This creates a “shopping list” for the browser to associate cached files together and is declared immediately after the doctype.



A typical use-case might be: when mobile data connectivity is patchy. The browser is able to render the page with all available assets from the cache. When connectivity is restored, it is able to get the latest, if there’s been any updated changes.

The problem I’m attempting to solve is to give users limited ability to create their own posts, like: whist serving the page with an offline.manifest. What I don’t know how to do is automatically add, to the manifest.


They’re ideal together.

Where is best to look for documentation to automate the creation and upkeep of other files (not just HTML)? I’d like to include and adapt a text file such as: offline.manifest with every directory?

Hugo hasn’t a very powerful support for custom content types, but you should get what you want by taking inspiration from this: