Creating multi-page posts

In a growing number of cases, I need to have multi-page posts, and cannot find a clean way to do it. The only reference I found in this forum is split-a-post-page-up-into-different-web-pages-with-pagination, but it has no definite solution.

To clarify the needs, they are of two kinds

  • embedding converting presentations from present and other tools (conversion done outside of Hugo)
  • articles which are too long for a single page (consider this recent tutorial about google/subcommands) and imagine size * 4 : I’ve already had to limit content for that one

Ideally this would use a single post directory, containing (multilingual) index(es) and a bunch of other *.md files. The index would appear normally in menus and taxonomy paginations, while other pages would only appear on their assigned URL, probably same as the index + a page number, AND on search result pages.

The thread mentioned above suggests a hack using taxonomy, but since I cannot imagine this is not a recurring problem, I’m looking for what would be an optimal solution.

There a several ways to handle this. Have a look at this one…