Creating a status page (theme, specifically) and don’t know how to show individual status per component

As the title says, I don’t really know how to accomplish this. I have already created quite a good status page but it hides the components when there’s $active incidents.

  • Components are defined in config;
  • The main page is in layouts/index.html;
  • Some of the vars are up top;
  • Others near the sections of the code;

I don’t really know what other information to provide. Any help would be appreciated.

What does $active contain during an incident?

{{ $incidents := where .Site.RegularPages "Params.section" "issue" }}
{{ $active := where $incidents "Params.resolved" "=" false }}

$incidents contains all posts which have section: issue in their frontmatter.

$active contains any $incidents which are not resolved.

When the $active array is not empty, the status page must react in such a way, especially the components, which I don’t really know how to figure out right now.

Yeah, I saw that. I’m asking what $active actually contains in practice. For example, what does {{ printf "%#v" $active }} print?