Creating a list view like a dictionary

I’m quite new to Hugo and have a lot of fun with it.

Right now I’m trying to put together a list view with the following properties should apply:

  1. Top list-view of generic letter (A-Z) on top of the page
  2. Each generic letter has a subcategory of letter to choose from (e.g. A --> A-Ag, Ah-An etc) and should be listed as any given letter between A-Z is chosen.

The functionality should resembles something similar to:

So, is there a simple way of generating such a list-list view; any thoughts, ideas or code samples to get inspired by would be appreciated, thanks

Maybe this can help you:

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Hi there hugo4life. Greetings
Another newbie requesting help
How do you display the generic letter range(A–>Z) on the top of the page??
alphabet list