Create section taxonomies

I’m interested in having different taxonomies per section of my site. In our case, we have our normal marketing blog, but we also write about programming and our dev stack in a separate listing. I would like to have each of those sections have their own unique list of “tags”.

  • /blog/tags/tag-slug // marketing posts
  • /devblog/tags/devtag-slug // development posts

Is this possible? If not, would it work to move the folder and to a find/replace in post processing?

You can create as many taxonomies as you want.

I don’t believe you can have “tag” and then split it - but why not just name them into “marketing-tag” and “dev-tag” or something?

There’s nothing preventing me from doing it. I just think that it makes more sense in the url structure to have taxonomies live inside the same folder structure as the data. Under the hood they could be “marketing-tag” and “dev-tag”, but I’d still want them accessible at /blog/tags and /devblog/tags. That’s easy enough to do using the taxonomy methods, but wouldn’t fix the internal linking everywhere else.

You might be able to use an alias for /blog/tags and /devblog/tags. I’m not sure.

You can certainly do what you want if you treat each site as separate, but that will cause duplication of static elements. Do you want your marketing blog and dev blog to share RSS feeds?

Wouldn’t that just redirect those pages to /marketing-tags and /devtags?

I do want them to have separate RSS feeds. Is that only possible if they run as separate sites?

If you don’t run them as separate sites, then /index.xml is going to be an intermingled RSS for both marketing and blog posts, as far as I can tell. There will probably also be a /devblog.xml and /marketingblog.xml.