Create new pages only with the pro version

I’m using this theme in the free version

as indicated here:

can I create new pages only with the pro version? it’s true?
you really can not?

Where on the page is it indicated to be possible to create new pages with pro only?

If you look in the index of the documentation, there are entries with the pro icon

Then I guess archtypes are included in the pro version only.

Please notice this forum is support for Hugo, not for a specific theme.

Go to and click the little button in the bottom right. The developer can answer your questions best. I would not buy a theme, there are plenty of nice themes on the Theme Site. The only reason would probably be to have a developer at hands that can do individual work. There is a lot of “lorem ipsum” on that page and links that go to 404s. Not trust inducing :slight_smile:

Yes, I wanted to ask if this is possible in Hugo. So what is the archtypes folder for?


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I found it on the theme site

@nicovon, your question is confusing because you are asking about a pro version, as if you are using it. Please ask questions framed about Hugo here.

Please read the docs for Hugo. It explains how content is created. After your read the docs about hugo new and archetypes, you may ask specific questions in #support.