Create basic site with sub directories

I seem to be having real issues getting a basic site in Hugo to actually work. I’ve been banging my head to the point where I think there might be damage lol.

This is what I want to create:


– /about/
- ---- index.html
- ---- careers.html

– /products/

  • — index.html
  • — product_1.html

Please for the love of hugo can someone help me with this? You will get good cosmic karma :slight_smile:

Have you tried the documented QuickStart guide?

I did but it isnt working the way I would expect. When I create the index.html inside those directories it returns 404 even after I put code in.

I can’t find that step in the quickstart guide. You ought to share the code you have in a repo online, then we could look at it and see what you are doing.

But also, because the quickstart guide is really long, it is easy to miss a step. So you should start a new Hugo site and do the quickstart again. You may have a better understanding how to structure your content, to get the file tree you are looking for. :slight_smile: