Create a template page and use different data


I wish to create two different service pages on my site. One for web design and one for web dev. Both pages will have the same format, so i created a new template in _default called services.html.

Where I am getting stuck, is how do I create different data for each service? Is it best to create two data files, one for each service, or is it best to create shortcodes and insert html into my markdown files

thank you


should do the trick. The layout you created should reside in layouts/services/single.html if it does not work on its current location. To have the archetype info applied just use hugo new services/ - and BEFORE you start think about the content structure. Do you want URLs like or It’s easier to have those naming things out of the way before you start adding content (which does not mean you can’t change it later on).

Thank you pkollitsch!! I appreciate the clarification :slight_smile: