Correct syntax and formatting for i18n files


I have questions regarding the i18n syntax, especially how data should be formatted in JSON. It is not very clear in the official documentation, as the only example is in TOML :

other = "Home"

Since then, I worked with JSON and was able to make it work like this :

# site/i18n/en.json

  "id": "hello",
  "translation": "Hello"

It is working fine. But now, I need to work with POEditor. POEditor is an interface for managing translated contents with key - values syntax. The export function of POEditor has two ways of rendering JSON :

# 1. Classic export
  "term": "hello",
  "definition": "Hello",
  "context": " ",
  "term_plural": " ",
  "reference": " ",
  "comment": " "

# 2. Key - Value export
  "hello": "Hello",

The problem is both of these exports are not working natively with Hugo i18n files.

My questions are :

  • are id and translation keys mandatory in Hugo i18n files ?
  • if not, which syntax can be used for i18n files, at least for make it work with POEditor ?

Thank you for your answers !