Correct format to print a variable inside a partial template?

I’m trying to print the output of a variable inside this template:

{{- $menu := .Site.Params.sectionPagesMenu | default "main" -}}

I’m not sure what is the correct format to do that. Thank you for your suggestions.

I don’t know what that means.

{{ myVariable := 42 }}
{{ $myVariable }} --> prints "42"

I tried the approach you suggest, but it outputs nothing. Is there a way to enable debug mode into all templates to display all variables while running the hugo server?

Or another way that I could accomplish my validation, how do I print all .Site variables through browser console? I added the following lines into header but the output is minimalist:

  var hugoLog = JSON.parse({{ jsonify . }});
  console.log('Hugo Debug: ', hugoLog);



Does it ouput nothing or display nothing?

{{ $myVariable | warnf "%v" }}

This one is the current context so Page. From your screenshot. Use site or .Site instead.

@irkode just to make sure I understand, I should have:

var hugoLog = JSON.parse({{ jsonify .Site }});

Is that correct?

That won’t work, and there’s no way to do what you want to do, with either Page or Site objects.

This only returns a subset… it’s incomplete:

<pre>{{ jsonify (dict "indent" "  ") .Page }}</pre>

These return nothing because (internally) the Site object is wrapped:

<pre>{{ jsonify (dict "indent" "  ") .Site }}</pre>
<pre>{{ jsonify (dict "indent" "  ") site }}</pre>

Going back to your original question…

The answer is still no.

Thank you @jmooring. So there is no way for me to have a list of all .Site variables, on each page. I’m wondering how developers debug the .Site variables.

Debug what? These values are immutable.

@jmooring I’m simply trying to display on each page what are the .Site values present, as I have several modules with each having additional settings.

If you’re talking about site parameters, inspect .Site.Parameters.

If you’re talking about configuration settings, most aren’t exposed to the templates anyway.

If you’re intent of having a complete map of exposed settings you’ll need to build the map yourself.

Thank you @jmooring. I’m wondering if there is a tutorial for this, I’ve been searching for a solution but could not find anything.

For what?

For that.

  {{ $siteMap := dict
    "BaseURL" .Site.BaseURL
    "BuildDrafts" .Site.BuildDrafts
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