Cool sites that run Hugo

This is my website made in Hugo. It’s hosted on GitHub Pages, Netlify and CloudFlare Pages (DNS points to here now).

I really like the DoIt theme. My website was previously made with Wordpress.

Next step is converting a big blog from Wordpress to Hugo. It won’t be easy.


@LITUATUI If I can make a plug for a tool I wrote to convert a WordPress XML file to a Hugo content tree, I’ve pointed to it below. If you decide to try it, I recommend that you export as XML, then use the with the download images option enabled before removing the WordPress site so that you have the images in an easily used directory (and links automatically adjusted). If it helps great! If you’d rather not, that is fine as well.


Thanks mate!

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Payt | Accounts receivable management software with a human touch (

Callvoip - Succes begint met slimme telefonie | Callvoip (dutch only)

The best Tailwind CSS Themes and Components

Phil & Flo · Wij verbeelden de wereld van morgen ( (dutch only)


The source code of this one is public (Licence unknown):

technical documentation style website for an open source tool.

the Hugo theme itself is open source and the source-code is here: GitHub - pypyr/pypyr-docs: Documentation & product site theme for Hugo static website generator. Very configurable. Dark mode. Tree navigation. News & Updates. No bootstrap, no jquery.

(caveat emptor: the theme obviously works & it’s very configurable, but the theme itself is massively undocumented due to time constraints)


I’m no designer. But thought this hugo project turned out okay.


Another compilation:

(I discovered most of them via this page - The paid listing is too expensive for me, but this free version seems to be updated daily)


I’m not sure if the following qualifies but …


  • Infinite Ink – The oldest and shortest .com domain name I’ve found and is powered by Hugo. She also talks a lot about Hugo, share tips, shortcodes, and tricks. (Hugo v0.94.2)
  • Josh Barrat’s Blog – works at Twilio (Hugo v0.80.0)
  • Yanir Seroussi | Data science and beyond – Data scientist; software engineer (Hugo v0.95.0)
  • @sroberts – author of O’Reilly’s Intelligence Driven Incident Response; network defender (Hugo v0.82.0)

Possibly not devs by profession but still using Hugo

aside: Hugo versions as of this post

Update: 2022-04-15

  • ii_com: fix: she not he
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The live search with results highlighting is awesome!

(And clicking on a search result points directly to the right part of the page!)

I suspect that is Algolia (same as Hugo’s docs).

The source is here:

They moved from Webpack to Hugo’s js.Build for the JS builds 12 hours ago. Fingerprinting their resources with SHA-512, and me thinking Hugo’s default SHA-256 was on the long side …

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Chris Ferdinandi uses Hugo for all his written material on Vanilla JS:


I was a part of the development that built the Book of Concord website.

The Book of Concord is the confessional faith document for the Lutheran Church.

When I was first brought on to the project, they were considering wordpress, but the site is necessarily massive due to the size of the document.

While discussing content atomization and extensibility, future-proofing the project, and making it widely accessible across multiple platforms, I said that we should separate the content from the design as much as possible, and brought up Hugo.

After some research and poking around, we ultimately went with Hugo for the rebuild of

The Book of Concord Online


For my local business I made my own theme with some bootstrap and a few JS plugins.

The site is multilingual ready (It’s only in french now as I am a local business )
There are some forms that use cloud functions.
Any feedback is welcome.


Rob J. Hyndman uses Hugo for his site:

From Wikipedia:

He also have an active GitHub account.

Three of his family members have their own websites, one is powered by Hugo 0.89.2:


My feedback, hope will be useful for you.

Once visited your website straight away been impacted by CLS, so I run your page through PageSpeed Insight and

This is where you could start your work from now on.
You got all sorted (design and content) and now need to adjust to the users. :raised_hands:

ps. Look into accessibility features as I, without any visual disability struggle to read without, extra concentration, and a footer of your website.

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