Convert month number to string


There’s a way to convert a month number to string?

For example: 01 to “January”, 02 to “February”, etc…

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Yes, I checked this page but don’t works.

I used:
{{ dateFormat "Jan" "01" }}

But hugo fails to start showing this message:
executing "main" at <dateFormat "Jan" "01">: error calling dateFormat: unable to parse date: 01

You need to use a proper date format as input and another one as output. Then in your templates you can render the month with {{ .Date.Month }}.

If you want to map arbitrary numbers then you should create your own dictionary and range over it as you wish:

The problem is that dateFormat wants an ISO date (e.g. “2020-07-19”), and won’t work with an isolated month number. The following line will convert an arbitrary integer in $monthindex into a full month name (e.g. 1 to “January”, 2 to “February”, etc.):

{{ dateFormat "January" (printf "2001-%02d-01" $monthindex) }}

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