Content types by taxonomy

We will have one taxonomy across the new, and are wondering —

Is it possible to use the same taxonomy to list/sort multiple content-types?

For example, can I have a template (URL) that shows all events tagged with “agile”
(not sure what the URL would be :thinking: )

while also having another template (URL) that shows all posts tagged with “agile”
(at the moment, this is the URL )

In my opinion yes. You would need 2 different templates and you can determine in front matter of the page which one should be used. In the template you range with where through the events or posts.

Okay, gonna be kinda philosophical, but… no. :slight_smile:

Because that isn’t a taxonomy. You want two different taxonomies. One for events, and one for posts. Unless you have a third context that shows all of them.

As for the templates, I suppose you might be able to produce a custom output format that was basically identical to the base output, but filtered the range differently.

But without understanding more of why you want that, I wouldn’t suggest one way or another. Maybe you just need events related to a term, and not actually listed under it. Lots of options there. :thinking:

Does this thread help?