Content in multiple languages

Hello there!

I have a multi-language site set up with two languages where the file names determine the language (ie “content/articles/” and “content/articles/”).

Now I’m trying to generate two languages from one content file. I want to only have one content file (“content/products/”) but two paths: and

The reason being that the content file ( only contains front-matter data that does not need to be translated. I don’t want to have duplicates of the content files since it would be too much work and hard to update.

Is there any way to do this with Hugo?

Have you tried using an alias in your front matter?

Good suggestion! However, that results in a redirect to the original content in the original language, thus leaving the page in the original language instead of the desired language.

I have translations for the static strings in the template rendering the content, so the site needs to “be in correct language” (ie. you have to stay on /en/products/…) for it to work.

Is it an option to use a data file that both the EN and SV translated files pull their data from? Because from what I understand, you don’t really want to use /products/product01 as a webpage, right?

Hmm, probably not since I actually do want /producs/product01 as a page. Also, I’m using to manage the contents, so data files would probably be more of a hassle.