Config no longer case insensitive?

I noticed that when I updated Hugo and went to go build my site, it wasn’t building the taxonomies I have specified in my config.toml. In my config.toml they were specified as [taxonomies] (lowercase) and I eventually thought to try to make it [Taxonomies], which fixed the problem… but when and why did this change? I don’t mind the config not being case sensitive, but the fact that it used to be and now isn’t caused some really hard to understand error messages (where templates were looking for a specific taxonomy that didn’t exist).

So the question is - was this intentional? And if not, should we keep it this way? And if so, how to we let it be known to people when they upgrade that they may need to change their config?

It’s not intentional. Would have been changed in viper. I’d prefer it to be case insensitive. Not sure when it changed,I’d have to review the change log.

While at it, it would be nice to have hugo help config list out all of the root level keys that it accepts and the default values. I found out about putting “Watch” in there by browsing through the code. Not sure what else I’m missing out on.


I like this idea. I’ve been thinking about adding such a feature to Viper and Cobra directly (which Hugo would then inherit).

If anyone would like to take a stab at that, let me know, otherwise I’ll try to do it when I find some time.