Config ignored in config dir suggests that config/config.toml is a valid location for a config file.

I thought that config/_default/config.toml will also be merged by with config/config.toml. But it rather seems like config/config.toml gets ignored completely.

What am I missing?


Considering the structure above, when running hugo --environment staging , Hugo will use every settings from config/_default and merge staging ’s on top of those.

read at

@ju52 True - but you seem to focus a little too much on the merging.

The documentation explicitly lists a config/config.toml file. For me a file at that location just gets ignored. That’s the main angle of my question.

you can override the locatoin with configDir!

With the new environment mechanism it moved to config/_default/
If you have only one config file, hugo should find it on both places.

Both places as in


? That I can confirm. But config/config.toml seems to be a miss.
So is the documentation outdated?