Comment and summarize code examples

It would be great if the code was commented and post summarized. This way new users could more easily learn and the post becomes more valuable as a reference. Thank You!

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Which part is unclear?

That would depend upon the readers level of expertise. :slightly_smiling_face: Commenting code helps people at various levels while not inconveniencing advanced coders. I enjoy reading the Pseudo code for a given solution, when provided. Otherwise in line remarks work too.

Pseudo Code Examples

After all, this post would not exist if there was complete clarity on the subject.

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I split this post as it is a suggestion for process, whereas the original thread solved a specific issue.

I was going to wait for others to reply, but @mojoa reached out in private, and I don’t discuss moderation decisions in private one on one, so: I think that is a great idea! I volunteer to comment and summarize, as I feel like it. But I don’t think we should encourage that behavior; it sets the bar too high to participate.

You split the post without mentioning the decision process. I guess you don’t discuss that either. :grinning:
I actually agree with the split because you are correct, the problem was solved for the specific issue. I was however wondering if I broke some forum rule or best practice. So I reached out in person. Sorry for that.
The other problem in the split is that it lost the context. The solution code referenced has been lost, so the verbiage becomes “developers comment and explain please”. Which isn’t really beneficial. Anyway, Thanks for your efforts!

Please add context when you see it missing. By all means, reference how the context was lost, with various levels of blame and/or praise. I will be disappointed if in the future any of your context is destroyed by my actions and you are not able to continue the conversation. Let’s avoid that disappointment! :sunglasses:

Feel free to copy/paste the code snippet and add comments

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