Coming Soon: SASS support and more


Glad I’m not alone about this. I think people have silently accepted that these client asset handling tools should involve a certain level of pain to set up and use.


After building from source according to the docs with mage, as well as adding HUGO_BUILD_TAGS=extended mage install, I’m still getting the following, @bep:

Building sites … ERROR 2018/07/07 13:56:39 error: failed to transform resource: failed to transform "scss/main.scss" (text/x-scss): this feature is not available in your current Hugo version

hugo version gives me the following:

Hugo Static Site Generator v0.43-DEV-3CEA293 darwin/amd64 BuildDate: 2018-07-07T13:46:24-0500

That said, I can always wait until Monday if need be since I previously used brew to install. Was just hoping to give this a test run :smile:


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