Combining conditions

I have been using Hugo for months now but I still don’t understand why some conditions work and others don’t. For example, {{- if and (ne .Section "lorem") (ne .Section "ipsum") }} works but {{- if and (ne .Section (slice "lorem" "ipsum") ) }} does not work.

You are comparing a scalar to a slice.

Use need to use the not operator with the in function.

Like this? {{- if not (in .Section (slice "lorem" "ipsum") ) }}. Doesn’t work.

{{ $haystack := slice "a" "b" }}
{{ $needle := "c" }}
{{ if not (in $haystack $needle) }}
  {{ printf "%s is not in %s" $needle $haystack }}
{{ end }}

You’ve reverse the args for in.

I tried this before posting. Didn’t work either. So, I am not sure what is up. I am more or less looking to shorten the ‘wordiness’ of the code {{- if and (ne .Section "lorem") (ne .Section "ipsum") }}. But I am inclined to just retain it as it is.

        {{- $sections := (slice "lorem" "ipsum") }}
        {{- if not (in .Section $sections ) }}
        {{- partial "dola.html" . }}
        {{- end }}

If you are trying to make sure that the current section is neither "lorum nor “ipsum”…

reverse .Section and $sections

This is the second time (also faced this in a recent question), where reversing is required. Is there a section in the docs explaining this?

The order of args depends on the function.

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