Combine taxonomies

Hello everyone. I need to implement a filter by parameters in the front matter (for example there are taxonomies ‘weapon’, ‘family’ and ‘rarity’), so that the user selects certain parameters and get a page with these combined parameters(to show only ‘Consumer Grade’ of all ‘AK-47’ ). Are there any suggestions?

UPD: I`m able to generate mixed parameters loop with this code

{{ range where (where .Data.Pages "Type" "skin" ) ".Params.rarity" "Covert" }}
   {{ .Render "content" }}
{{ end }}

But now i need to separate other “.Params.rarity” (it can be not only “Covert”. There are '‘Restricted’, “Mil-Spec” for example) and create different pages for all of them. And then create links for all of them for user, so he can choose what rarity of particular “skin” he wants to see.

Sorry for such explanation, my English is not so good :sweat:

I can’t say I really understand what you’re asking, but that’s also me.

But since you haven’t gotten a reply yet, let me suggest that you look into the intersect function. With that function you can generate a list of pages that share two (or more) tags, and from what I figure that’s what you’re after.

Good luck!

Let me try to explain better this time :slight_smile:
I need something similar to query string functionality



in my case ‘weapon’ and ‘rarity’ are taxonomies:

"weapon": "AK-47",
"rarity": "Covert"

"weapon": "AK-47",
"rarity": "Restricted"

so I need to create such list page, where i can display all AK-47 of ‘Covert’, ‘Restricted’, or any other rarity

I already understand how i can generate such mix, but don`t know how to:

  1. properly create layout for it
  2. how to manage links for such list, cuz I even not sure if query string works in hugo(and not sure that I need it, or there is better approach somewhere)

Hugo can’t do that. You’ll need to find a different system that can filter for you. A database, or something like clever redirects.