Code tags not working when applied to items in ordered/unordered list?

I am using this theme. When i use markdown code tags (` or ```) to highlight something, it renders normally, like this (i have edited the theme’s default colors): img1
However, when used inside ordered/unordered lists, it doesn’t apply that same bg/fore color (but it does apply custom font i have set): img2
How can i fix this behaviour, so that i get colors inside lists as well?

Please post an example of your markdown.

the code tag style specifically targeting article.single p code only.

Yep, that’s the code i have edited to change highlighting colors, yet it doesnt get applied to text that’s inside lists.

`0x12` renders as it should when alone, but when in a list: * `0x12` it doesnt work.

Of course not. Your CSS is preventing that.

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