Code blocks without title

Hello i am using Hugo for blog posting, i am using zzo theme:

It works perfectly but when i publish some console command output in my markdown document using CODE i get a code frame titled with “Code” string, how can i publish console output lines in my documents without that anoying titles?
I only want to disable it for plain text console commands output, if i publish code i want to preserve syntax highlights.
I tried using {{< boxmd >}} but some tabulations are not respected using boxmd.

Best regards.

Did you try “normal” Markdown like ` (inline) or ``` (block)?

Yes i have been using ``` with the mentioned result, in the other hand i have tried ` but with multi-line outputs it is splitted in multiple lines, i need to show it as a block but without the “title”/“header” above the console output.

Take the shortcode, rename it and create the result you wish with a new shortcode name.

If for example the shortcode is in themes/yourtheme/layouts/shortcodes/code.html make a copy into layouts/shortcodes/myowncode.html and change the contents, then use as {{< myowncode >}}.

I have followed your instructions but when i use {{< myowncode >}} CODE {{< /myowncode >}} the CODE content is not shown in my webpage.

I have copied code.html that have the content:

I am not an expert in go templating language, but without modiying code.html it should at least show the same result as if i were using ```, isnt it?