Chroma style gallery no longer works

The Chroma Style Gallery that is referred to as style reference in syntax highlighting docs has been slow in updating new chroma styles, and now only contains two styles.

Would it be possible for Hugo to create and host an up-to-date style gallery?

Thanks a lot.

I would say that no, that’s not practical.

Thank you for the reply.

In that case, it would be nice if the Hugo documentation could instead point to some alternative showcase websites.

Just looked around for a bit, for example, this one which seems to be by Chroma’s author: Chroma Playground (v2.14.0)

Did you try to address that on the chroma issue tracker. Issues · alecthomas/chroma · GitHub

Might just be some glitch there

The gallery is not maintained by Chroma’s main developers. Although there is already an issue over the corresponding repository, it doesn’t feel like it’s going anywhere soon…

This might be helpful while we’re waiting for the fix:


Wow. To be honest, this is even more practical than the gallery. Thank you so much.

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