Changing default publish location to a different folder

Hi Folks,

I am trying to use two themes together, academic for my personal site, and a different one for blogging. I was wondering if I could publish my blogging website to /public/blog instead of /public?

Any ideas on how people are combining two different themes would also be welcome.


You bet.

I think I’ve seen a thread for people wanting to build pages using a different theme, but I wonder whether it would be easiest to just have two dstinct hugo sites. Just make sure baseURL is set correctly for both, and deploy to your server.


You can set in your config file. Let me quote Hugo docs:

publishDir (“public”)

The directory to where Hugo will write the final static site (the HTML files etc.).

So, say you have config.yml file, just adding the following and running hugo or hugo server would do it.

publishDir: public/blog

Hope it helps!