Change file name for resized image resources

my 2cents

Hugo generates the images under _gen/images and copies it later to public.

During this copy could be a nice rename to shorter filenames.

like head_hu84fc6aab5d6400c41fe98e0cbbb9083e_68646_120x120_fit_q85_lanczos.jpg
head_120.jpg or head_84_120.jpg

Hugo can watch the filenames per directory and can extend it for 2 letters in case of collision.
This should generate mostly the same names.

This must be reflected in references!

I started making a minimal repo to accompany the GitHub issue, however I can no longer reproduce the long filename error for generated resources with the latest Hugo on Windows 10.

Sometime within the past year (around September, I think) I ran into this problem a couple of times and I noticed that Hugo appended the file hash to the original filename for generated resources.

Now, as far as I can tell the latest Hugo replaces completely the original filename for generated resources and therefore the behavior I mentioned above no longer occurs.

So I will not be filing a GitHub issue.

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