Cayman theme feedback

Hey guys. Am porting a Jekyll theme to Hugo, and was hoping to get some feedback on it before I submit to the Hugo Themes repo.

Something not clear in the README? Is there something you wish it did that it currently doesn’t do? How’s it look on your particular device? Etc., etc. That kind of thing.

As noted in the README, you’ll need the extended version of Hugo in order to change any of the style-related params.



Thanks :black_heart:

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May want to add the word extended.

Looks good on Motorola phone, Silk browser on Amazon Fire and W10 Chrome.

For the Phone, If someone adds to the number of menu items, the visible indication of current page will disappear from view, which may cause some confusion.

Thanks. I had this line under the Configuration section

Note : The extended version of Hugo is required if you wish to edit style-related params in the config file. Why? Because this theme uses Hugo Pipes to paramaterize its SCSS file.

So I’ll move it up to the Minimum Hugo version section

Good point. I may decrease the padding in those buttons on mobile view

@mojoa Cool, those changes have been made. Nav buttons look better on mobile now.

So what happens when additional Nav buttons are added or removed? Is it straight forward to tune them?
Or could they be made to auto scale? :thinking:

Here’s an example with 12 buttons (nav items). It grows more rows as more nav items are added.


Looking Good!