Category title on category page

Hi again,

Thanks for all the help so far helping a newbie - I am getting there.

Another newbie question.

When I click on a category from my post-meta.html, how do i get that page to show the name of the category that was clicked instead of the name of the post? I am referring to the <h1> below which is contained in layouts/taxonomy.category

`{{ partial “header.html” . }}
{{ partial “banner-blog.html” . }}

{{ .Title }}

{{ range .Data.Pages }} {{ .Render "summary"}} {{ end }}
{{ partial "foot.html" . }}`

Is it the page type, section, or taxonomy you’re after? If it’s the type or section, it’s easy. Use the .Type or .Section page property.

Taxonomies are more complicated. They’re defined under the .Params property.

See Template Variables.

The page type is taxonomy.

Im confused.

Is layouts/taxonomy.category the file that contains your taxonomy layout?

It should be layouts/taxonomy/category.html and then you should have the following in your config file (if it is in toml):

    tag = "tags"
    category = "categories"

Check what I have done in my theme. My tag and category layouts are at

In config.toml I have:

    tag = "tags"
    category = "categories"