Cascading images and .Params.banner


I read this Allow cascading Front Matter #6041 and then Front Matter Cascade.

My problem is that I don’t know how to invoke .Params.banner within my templates. I assumed I could stick it in theme/cupper-theo/layouts/_default/single.html and then put the cascade: banner: within of the root of the directory. But the image never came up.

How do you set this up correctly?

Please show a project.

You mean like this: Theologicus
do you need the repo?


{{ define "main" }}
  <main id="main">
    <h1>{{ .Title }}</h1>
    {{ .Content }}
{{ end }}


Here is the project:

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That’s basically it. One note: it’s recommended to do site-specific overrides in your site’s layouts directory (I see you come from WordPress, same idea behind child themes, where you don’t want your changes overridden in a theme update).

I was gonna point out updating your /layouts/_default/single.html template to show the banner, but I’m not finding it in your content directory. Please point me to you with the banner front matter, and we’ll go from there. :slight_smile:

It in my theme. Should that be in the webroot?

When I put in a within a subdirectory of posts, I see that those posts no longer shows up in my Recent /posts/. Is that intentional?

I don’t have front matter for cascade/banner. How do you do it in single.html and how do you it for a subdirectory of posts only?

I don’t understand what you are asking. It sounded like you tried adding a banner using front matter cascade, but I can’t see where you tried it. If I can’t see what you tried, I can’t correct it or show a way for it to work.

Sorry I don’t understand, maybe someone else can assist. :slight_smile:

My apologies @maiki and thank you for helping me.

For instance:

  1. I placed an within:
  2. And I put the cascade/banner within that.
  3. and pointed the banner to the image (that is technically in

Two things:

  1. I don’t see a banner for any post within 6-sundry-saturday
  2. And now if you click on Recent to go to /posts/, those 6-sundry-saturday posts do not appear in that list.

You are dealing with two different Hugo “systems”, namely the front matter cascade (as you know), and then also configuring page bundles (

I’ll make a note to check your repo this evening and see if I understand a straightforward path for ya.

Any luck?