Can't seem to find an easy way to generate lists based on cateogories

From a set of known categories, for example, “T1” and “T3”. I want to display the title (with links to) of the latest five posts of each category on a single page.
Despite reading the documentation if can this be done with just Markdown changes or do I need to write a custom HTML page for this?

I am using PaperMod theme if it helps.

No. Markdown is just… Markdown.

You’ll need to either (a) create a shortcode that you can call from Markdown, or (b) create a unique template to be used by a specific page.

Can short code even access the data from Site?
And should they?
I thought short code are only meant to transform data.
Eg. Given a YouTube video ID generate an iframe.

Sure. Shortcodes receive the page and the site in context.

It worked.
I am surprised that this shortcode is not part of Hugo defaults.

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