Can't insert link inside a paragraph of config.toml

I’m new to Hugo and static web generators, so this might be a newbie question.

I can’t seem to add a link to a word inside a paragraph. I’m using Airspace hugo theme.

For example, the paragraph is being pulled from inside the config.toml, where I edit my text, but can’t seem to add a link to a word. Any link code I insert displays as text. Please see my page at link below.

Any example on how to insert a text link into a paragraph would be great.

Hugo Static Site Generator v0.49.2/extended darwin/amd64 BuildDate: unknown


Don’t know much about Airspace, but can you spot the code which retrieves the paragraph? Does it apply markdownify on it?

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here’s an example

enable = true
title = "Meet Fader"
italic = "James “Fader” Cui {{ .Title | markdownify }} <a href=\"\">HTML5 UP</a> {{< myshortcode >}}<p>Hello <strong>World!</strong></p>{{< /myshortcode >}} is a talented multi-media artist and VJ specializing in Stage Design, software development and Video Mapping."
paragraph = "Over the past decade, Fader has contributed to many big festivals such as [Coachella](, Burning Man, Insomniac, Fuji Rock, Mapping Festival, Backwoods and Intro Music Festival."

I meant in the theme’s code.

@regis, thanks for the tip, didn’t make sense at first, now I figured it out, I googled for hours since I’m new to this workflow, did not find any proper example on how to make links work… learning curve.

As mentioned in the comment above, I added " | markdownify" inside my HTML file, where the text was being parsed, for example:
<p>{{ .Site.Params.wrapper.paragraph | markdownify }}</p>

Then, in my config.toml file, can either use HTML link or write like this:
One upon a time there is [Google](!