Can't deploy a gitpage folder full of photos

I have been trying to figure this out all day yesterday, but the script on the hugo site cant seem to push a specific folder I made in my git project full of photos (/contents/photos/bing-winter-2020) . Can someone help me understand whats happening? I can push new posts, but for whatever reason, this one folder full of images will not get pushed to my gitpages…

The website builds like i expect it to without issues when using ‘hugo server -D’

my gitpages

folder in question in my git project

You need to undraft the content file at:

The -D flag in the local server allows you to build drafts but when executing the hugo command in these pages are not published.

Thanks, that was it! i had copied and pasted the header in the from elsewhere, didn’t realize there was an option like that…

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