Cant access params from homepage layout?

My homepage has a few page params like

heading = "Testing"

And my index.html layout for the homepage as an example has

{{with .Params.section_1}}
  <p>{{.heading }}</p>

Now locally this renders completely fine and works. But once i push to netlify and it builds the site none of the front matter parameters are working.

Everything that doesnt use parameters renders fine. Even in the public/index.html file it has included the
its just not showing up on the site??

Do you set the correct Hugo version on Netlify?

If so:

  • Can you show how you do it?
  • Also share a site source that shows this problem.

No i didnt set it woops!

It works now thanks, can i ask why its important to set the hugo version? I thought netlify would automatically set it to the latest

Why would you think so? :slight_smile:

On a serious note, normally no deployment service would do that for the sake of stability… imagine that Netlify did that, and you did not have chance to fix backward incompatible changes in your site…

So, it’s good that the power of version controlling is in user’s hands.