Can you show .Content without the .Summary?


I’m building my CV in Hugo, and it is currently a list of Companies, job titles, start- and end dates all defined from front matter. Nothing fancy.

In the content section of my markdown file, I define a summary and the rest of the content with the <!--more--> method. Also nothing fancy.

To build the CV page, I range over the section, again, nothing fancy.


I would really like to hide the non-summary part of any position until someone clicks on it, preferably with pure CSS (I’m thinking to put it in a <details> tag).
I can access .Content. I can access .Summary. But is there a way to access the non-.Summary part of the content?

The repo is a private one and I can’t share, but here’s the relevant parts of my code:

title: "Some Company"
startdate: 2018-03-01
date: 2022-07-01
role: "Senior DevOps Engineer"
cvtype: job
Summary text
More text

template file

{{define "main"}}
{{ range (where .RegularPages "Params.cvtype" "=" "job") }}
{{ .Title }}
{{ .Summary }}
{{ .ContentWithoutSummary }} <<< I would love to do this
{{ end }}

I know I could define blocks in my content and access those from my template, but maybe I’ve just missed something and am overlooking the obvious?

Blunt axe approach: {{ (replace .Content .Summary "") | safeHTML }}

I’d still be interested in a more elegant solution though :slight_smile: