Can you get a url for a folder containing article

Let’s say I’m putting my articles using the following scheme


and so on.
So if I build the site the article will be available at :

Is there a way to get a link to parent folder?
In this case that would be:

Is this question still relevant? It seems like this was resolved with:

Yeah, still relevant - as mentioned I really don’t like the idea of having several different articles stored in identically named files (, so I’m looking for a workaround :slight_smile: .
Atm it seems that using {{ .File.Dir }} might do the trick.

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got it JM - but that’s a bit different situation. I strongly disagree with how it works “be default” for the reasons mentioned above and it the other thread.
And I still don’t get it why it’s being done this way - maybe this makes sense for some bigger site, with some complex navigation etc. But for a small site, with single page articles , where all that I need is a way to display list of articles and articles themselves (with corresponding images / videos etc) it doesn’t - at least for a start.
For me structuring articles the way I write them, treating them like documents I could easily browse outside web is more important than handling some cases that (at least at this point) I can’t think of :wink: .
For a noob (me :smiley: ) it’s super confusing - you got images in the static, in the assets, in the folder with the article… with different behavior, linking etc. And judging by the posts I’ve viewed today I’m not alone in this matter.
While I’ve been able to get a simple theme handling text only done quickly, with no prior knowledge … as soon as I started handling media I’ve started to loose it.

So yeah, thanks to your input (as mentioned - you rock!) I’ve been able to get a working “list” and “single” themes, but the question is whether I want to keep data structured this way. My main point of using static site generator is to have a way to post the texts (articles in md) I work on offline without lots of data juggling / duplication. Most people I know don’t name different articles identically when they work on things. Usually they don’t keep each article in separate folder as well, but that’s the kind of thing I’m willing to make (for a blog it makes some sense).
I’ll play with the default way of doing things and will see how much it will keep annoying me after a couple of days :wink: .