Can widget menu identifiers also work as sub-menus?

I am using the hugo-academic theme for a webpage. Is it possible to have a widget’s menu link (from the homepage) also be a dropdown menu like this?

So when I am scrolling down the main page (homepage) it would highlight the widget I am seeing at the moment (as a hugo academic page would do), but at the same time, it is a drop-down menu in case I want to go to more specific webpages.

=( no one?


Did you try editing your config.toml and adding it as a menu item? Adding menus is easy

Also … as it is theme specific … did you try the Academic docs?

Maybe try this article on adding menu items

Hi! Thank you for your response. Yes I know how to add or edit the menus, but what I am trying to do is different. As I can see it, there can be widget menu links, and sub-menu links. When you click on a widget menu, it will take you to the corresponding widget space in the homepage. And when you click on other sub-menus, it will take you to the corresponding page.

What I want to do is the following: have widget links in the menu (which I click and will take me to the widget space in the homepage), but also, have this links with sub-menus, that clicking them will take me to another page. is that possible?

Hi there,

The Academic theme is a complex one. You might have better response asking for help on its own issue tracker.

ok perfect I’ll do so. Thank you for the tip!

your config is mostly right
change for sub-menu


Parent is correct set.
The menu is rendered with partial site-navigation.html. This does NOT support sub-menus.
I copied the sample from

in this files ans sub-menues will apear in HTML, but not the browser … bc of missing CSS classes in the sample.

2 ways

  • change the navigation template self
  • ask the theme author for it

I can’t dive in the theme and the used CSS framework.