Can variables like .baseUrl be used in config.toml?

I’m wondering how to make a parameter in config.toml that is something like logo = "{{ .baseUrl }}/images/logo.png"

The reason is because maybe I want to use an external source graphic instead and I don’t want all the logo references in my layouts to have to have {{.baseUrl }}{{.Site.Params.logo}} hardwired into them.

or is there another way to reference a parameter in config.toml from within the same file?


Use the absURL and relURL functions. I wouldn’t recommend manually adding baseURL to construct URLs in your templating.

Generally, configuration files are completely logic free, so it might be best to aim for simplicity to in your key-value pairs and then add complexity/relationships/logic in the templating layer. Just a thought :smile:

I totally agree. the problem is the theme is not my theme. So it came that way.

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Ah, gotcha. Perhaps an issue in the theme’s GH repo then? :smiley: