Can the amount of data in a markdown file affect css settings?

And back with another beginner question :sweat_smile:

When the content in my .md files exceeds a certain length, the whole site content incl. header and footer move a bit to the left/right. I have looked through the css file for margin collisions, checked on different browsers and experimented with the length of the content to see how much was too much. It looks like it only happens when the content is exceeds the visible window height, when I zoom out until the whole content is visible in the browser it stops twitching around.

Anyway, I would be thankful if somebody can point me at least what to look for.


I didn’t notice that issue from your repo. I suggest trying multiple browsers and machines, to ensure your experience is the site and not your local cache.

Can the amount of data in a markdown file affect css settings?

Probably not. I mean, anything is possible! But I doubt it in this case. It is more the other way around: if your CSS layout is being changed by the amount of content in the document, your style needs to be adjusted. Well, if your content is important. If style is more important, then you’ll need to find a different approach. :slight_smile:

The scrollbar will appears, when When the content exceeds the window height then push the container to the left and vice versa if the content is short the scrollbar no longer exist and the content move a little bit to the right

it is normal and you should have no worries about that

Hehe… thanks for checking it out! I guess you are right, I haven’t thought about it that way. For now I will try and put content first ^.^

Thanks for the hint. That was indeed the problem, and after trying out some approaches I went for

html { 
  overflow-x: hidden;
  margin-right: calc(-1 * (100vw - 100%));

which I found here.

Here is a relatively recent stack overflow summary

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