Can I get a page parameter from within a nested shortcode?

I’m reusing content in my Hugo site. I have a shortcode which includes a markdown fragment in a parent topic.

So I have (with front matter) and (no front matter).

In, I call the fragment with my shortcode:

{{< snippet "" >}}

where the content of the shortcode is:

{{- with  .Site.GetPage (.Get 0)  -}}
    {{- .Content -}}
{{ end }}

My problem. In, I call another shortcode which relies on the page parameters of

Is there any way to retrieve the page parameters from

Check out GetPage:

It would be helpful if you provided a complete example.

Yeah, sorry about that.

I’ve created a repo which I hope illiustrates the problem I’m trying to solve.

In layouts/shortcodes/conditions.html, I’m trying to retrieve front matter from posts/

The short answer is, “No.”

This is roughly what you are trying to do:


In this diagram, the last place that you have my-first-post in context is within the snippet shortcode.

You cannot pass additional context with the .GetPage method, nor can you leverage a page-level .Scratch or .Store because multiple origin pages could be trying to include the same fragment.

I encourage you to think through this and simplify your implementation. Even if you could access the origin page parameters from the final shortcode, the approach seems complicated and fragile.

Thanks @jmooring - that’s exactly what I’m trying to do. Unfortunately I can’t see any other reasonable way of accomplishing the goal - reusing a topic where the content varies in places.

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